The little things that make a difference . . .

Sensitive and Discreet

Your personal information is just that - yours and personal.  I will never, ever, contact you by email, telephone or text, unless you've asked me to reach out.  Mutual respect and discretion are pre-requisites for a satisfying encounter, don't you think?


Reviews and Accolades

I will not request reviews, but if you'd like to let me know how you enjoyed our time together, I would love a follow-up email.  I will always keep what occurs during our time together a secret, and I hope that you will do the same.


Getting to Know You

If we've never met before, then please imagine that we've been introduced by a mutual friend when you pen your first email to me.  Tell me a little about yourself. After all, we are embarking on the adventure of meeting someone new and looking forward to developing a lovely friendship. 


Life Experiences

Whether we are sipping a craft cocktail, mulling over fine dining options, biking along the West Orange Trail (can one bike in heels, I wonder?) or simply enjoying time with one another, we will be soaking up all the delights this world has to offer.  I do however, have a few preferences:  men 35 & older and non-smokers.


Where to Wine and Dine a Date in Orlando

Central Florida has become a foodie mecca, and we have our share of live music, performances, art and wild rides too.  If you'd like me to suggest a meeting place or specific adventure, just ask.  Otherwise, please let me know what you'd enjoy most.